The New Year’s Eve dress that wasn’t

The New Year’s Eve dress that wasn’t

What better time to decide to make a new dress than a few hours before you need it. Well that’s what happened here and as you can imagine, I didn’t quite make it to the finish line and ended up wearing another me made instead.

Sewing hasn’t been at the top of my priorities list of late due to our recent purchase of a vintage caravan who’s restoration has been taking up most of our time, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Plus any sewing that I have done Hasn’t been that exciting. To be honest I’ve been in a bit of a rut and needed something new to pull me out. Well neither of these patterns are new to me, but both Ive only made once before, and never together so close enough if you ask me

The bodice is By Hand London’s Sophia dress, I love this bodice, the bust darts the arm cut outs love it all. After my previously blogged checked version it’s been in the back of my mind to make another but true to form I wanted to hack the skirt again, I really like the godet version of this pattern but didn’t have enough of any fabrics in the stash and since the dress was a last minute decision on New Year’s Eve I didn’t have time to go get anything.

The skirt, is from vogue 1353. I’ve previously made this pattern back in the early days of my sewing adventures, and it’s such a great pattern, I really need to make it in its entirety again soon. I went with this because it gave me the same vibe as the godet skirt but with a lot less fabric needed! A Winning combination in my opinion.

The fabric is a fabulous palm tree print cotton sateen from spotlight, I had seen some many fabulous things made with this fabric that when I was in spotlight looking for curtain fabric for the caravan and spied the last couple metres of this on sale I grabbed it… The curtain fabric on the other hand, well that needed another trip.

Construction was pretty standard, as with my previous Sophia, the straps where shortened about an inch, and I also did a small sway back adjustment. to try and save time I only lined the bodice. With the skirt the only modification I made was to leave off the decorative hem detail once again to save time, and also I think it would have got lost in the print. The dress was finished off with an exposed zipper, I would like to say that this was my plan all along but truthfully this was partially because I needed a little bit extra room around the middle after Christmas Day and I was in too much of a rush at the time to realise, but I think it looks the part anyway.

While it may not have made it to the New Years celebrations, it’s still a winner here. One of my sew year resolutions is to make more practical things for my wardrobe, so as much as I love this combination I don’t know when or if I’ll make it again, but one things for sure, I’m going to wear the heck out of this one in the mean time.


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