Alice in Wonderland dress

Alice in Wonderland dress

image I love nothing more than sewing up a pretty dress for any occasion, and my birthday is no exception. Since I spent my 30th last year in a car for 5 hours after a week long camping trip on Fraser Island.  This year I had grand plans for my 31st Birthday celebrations, and wanted a fabulous dress to go with it. The plans have since been scaled back due to my laziness in organising anything but the dress, well I still aimed for fabulous, I tend to overdress for most occasions so why should my birthday be any different.

The dress is esentially a  By Hand London Kim dress but with darts instead of princess seams. This has fast become one of my favourite dress patterns.

Alice in wonderland
Alice in wonderland

The Fabric is an amazing Alice in Wonderland print from beautiful work on etsy I first saw this print on a RTW dress which I very nearly purchased but unfortunately they sold out before I had the chance, so when I saw the fabric online I snapped up 4m without a second thought and 5 days  later it was on my door step ready to go.


I wanted to attempt to convert the princess seams to darts, so that the diamond print would be complete accross the bodice. I could find plently of information for darts to princess seams, but nothing for the other way. So I winged it. I grabbed my ever faithful emery dress bodice,  and traced off the botttom half. Next I trimmed the seam allowance from Kim’s front bodice pieces and taped them together at the neckline. Finally, I lined Kim up to my traced off Emery and traced the neckline and straps. I used kims bodice back, unfortunately, I didnt really have enough fabric (or paitence) to match up the back seams. 

On my muslin, the fit was pretty spot on,  but in my finished dress there was a bit of gaping at the neckline, I added a couple strategically placed darts at the neckline and the problem was solved.With the skirt, I didnt want to break the border print with side seams so I cut it in one continuous 3m length, then I  pleated by using every second diamond as a guide, by some miricle this actually worked and ended up lining up perfectly with my bodice YAY!

Alice in wonderland

The dress is lined in plain white voile, I had originally wanted to use something more exciting for the lining maybe something in a blue to match the Alice theme, but since I already broke my fabric buying ban for the main fabric, I thought it best to stick to the stash. No one else is really going to see the insides anyway are they?

It may not be perfect, and I dont doubt  there is a better way to convert the princess seams but I love it non the less, now wheres that birthday cake?


11 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland dress

  1. You did a wonderful job! Love how it turned out, and it looks fabulous on you. I have this pattern on my wish list. I might be moving it up towards the top now… 🙂


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. The fabric is up there with some of my favourites, Im thinking of getting some more just to keep in my stash haha.


    1. Thank you! I agree! Luckily for me the husband agreed it was worth breaking the ban for too, so maybe it doesnt really count, but I would have broke it anyway haha.


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