Well there goes the Internet.

Well there goes the Internet.

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Well here we are, my very first blog post, I must admit I’m a little excited to be joining the blogosphere, and more so, having somewhere to document my sewing adventures. 

 Well where do I start, Im Suzanne, a mother, a wife and over the last few years, Ive become a little obsessed with sewing pretty things. 


   As for my sewing journey, I never really paid attention in home economics at school. So it was no surprise that when I got my first sewing machine almost 10 years ago, I took it out of the box, realised I had no idea what I was doing, packed it back up and left it sitting neglected in a cupboard for the next 7 years.

 Then my daughter was born. I was on 12 months maternity leave (unpaid) and I couldn’t justify spending a fortune on cute clothes she would just grow out of. I decided it was time to dust it off and try again. Armed with a pattern and some cheap clearance fabric, off I went. 


My first make from a vintage kids jiffy pattern. 

 A year or so later I made my first dress for myself, it was a mess, but I was hooked and began my obsession with sewing.  then the beginning of 2014, about 6 months after that first dress, I started to post my makes on my Instagram and from there I have been welcomed with open arms in to the amazing online sewing community I have learnt so much and been so inspired by every single post, and while I’m still terrified of button holes and am clueless at adjusting patterns,  I am learning something new and gaining confidence with every project and every blog post I read. Who knows, there may be button holes and FBAs in my future yet.  


My first year of sewing for me

 So thats it,  my first post and a little about me. Feel free to introduce yourself and please share your blogs with me too.



6 thoughts on “Well there goes the Internet.

  1. Well, hi! I found you through your comment on The Daily Seam and I love your blog! I have a similar sewing journey. I’ve toyed with the idea of having a blog but I chicken out every time (so far.) For now, i just post it all on IG and Facebook.
    I’m loving all your dresses. You’ve got a new fan 🙂


    1. Hi Melinda, Thank you, I love hearing from fellow sewists so I say go for it! & I would love to check it out when you do. I chickened out for a long time too, but in the end I thought even if no one else was to ever read a single post it would be nice to have somewhere I could document my makes in a bit more detail than what I can on instagram even if it was just for me 🙂


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